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San Jose VTA Shooting 9 Dead, Including Suspect, 1 Critical

San Jose VTA Shooting 9 Dead, Including Suspect, 1 Critical

(UncleSam) – Samuel James Cassidy, 57, was an employee at the Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority (VTA) in San Jose. During a Union meeting at 0634 a.m. at the light rail yard Wednesday morning, he reportedly opened fire, killing 8 of his coworkers, then turned the gun on himself. Seven of the victims were killed at the scene, one other died at the hospital. Another person is in critical condition, so the death toll may increase.

Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Deputy Russell Davis said the barrage of bullets was reported at 6:34 a.m. at the VTA light rail yard at 101 Younger Avenue. A series of 911 calls prompted a flood of first responders and police, who had to conduct a rescue operation of those left wounded inside the building. The ATF and the FBI were called in to help investigate what happened and why.

Two patients were transported to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, according to spokesperson Joy Alexiou. One person was pronounced dead upon arrival, and the other was in critical condition…

The VTA provides bus, light rail, and paratransit services and is a partner in regional rail service including Caltrain, Capital Corridor, and the Altamont Corridor Express.

Davis would not elaborate on the type of weapon used or whether the shooting occurred inside or outside the building, which is a VTA hub that stores trains and serves as a maintenance yard not too far from the sheriff’s office.


It is unclear whether explosive devices were involved in this incident, but Santa Clara county took no chances after hearing the possibility from an unknown source.

“We received information that there are explosive devices inside the building. We are trying to clean out every room and every crevice in that building.”

Santa Clara Sheriff Laurie Davis ( Heavy.com )

Authorities also responded two fires, one fire at the suspect’s house was possibly connected to the mass shooting after police found ammo inside. The location of the second fire was unknown.

Samuel Cassidy appeared to have no major criminal record and only a few minor traffic violations in Santa Clara County, according to KTVU reporter Evan Sernoffsky. Cassidy was a native of California, and was divorced from his wife in 2009.

The investigation is continuing, with the assistance of the ATF and FBI.


Featured photo via Twitter

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