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Los Angeles Hate Mob Attacked Jewish Diners

Los Angeles Hate Mob Attacked Jewish Diners

(UncleSam) – The Sushi Fumi restaurant in the Beverly Grove area of Los Angeles is not the sort of place you’d normally associate with a hate crime. But on Tuesday at around 10 p.m., a mob of “pro-palestinians” drove in a convoy around the heavily Jewish area of Los Angeles, using megaphones to chant “Death to Jews,” and “Free Palestine” – they were spoiling for a fight. The Los Angeles hate mob smashed windows of Jewish businesses, and escalated to attacking Jewish diners.

Tonight pro-Palestinian individuals were driving with megaphones around La Cienega & Beverly (a heavily Jewish area) in Los Angeles and threw objects at Jews at a restaurant table. Some threw things back. The pro-Palestinian group came to the sidewalk to fight.

Sia Kordestani, an Iranian Jew

The Los Angeles hate mob drove around the town, asking people if they were Jews. Police stated they were investigating the incident as a hate crime. When two Jewish men were attacked, one of the men picked up a stanchion in an attempt to stop the attack, but was quickly beat up by the mob.

M said he grabbed a stanchion, the metal bar used to hold up red velvet rope barriers, to scare the men. Video shows him swinging it at the other men.

“There were many girls behind us. I was scared that they would attack everybody,” he said.

M was followed to his car, punched and pepper sprayed, and was treated at a hospital, he said.

Restaurant staff rushed patrons inside, locked the doors and called police.


No arrests were made, and police said that the injuries were “minor.” However, one man, a Lebanese Armenian, reportedly stood in front of his Jewish friends in an attempt to protect them against the Los Angeles hate mob. A Jewish friend organized a GoFundMe for medical expenses. The fund directly conflicts with the LAPD narrative of “minor injuries.” But the Beverly Grove community has been giving thousands to help those who were injured in the May 18th incident.

One such gentleman heeded that call last night outside Sushi Fumi in Los Angeles, California. As dozens of antisemitic thugs and vandals drove around LA in a motorcade, asking “WHICH OF YOU ARE JEWS”, this man stood in front of his Jewish friends and took on the attackers.

He was severely beaten by a band of cowards. This man, a Lebanese Armenian, is one of us. He is family. He should be loved and held up by our community.

Michael Yadegaran

We are outraged over reports of an antisemitic assault on diners at an LA restaurant and thank @LAPDHQ for investigating the incident as a possible hate crime. Criticism of Israeli policy is not always antisemitic. Violent attacks while yelling antisemitic slurs is a hate crime.

ADL – Anti-Defamation League Los Angeles


Featured photo: Screenshot via Twitter

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