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Video: Citizens Say Minnesota Will “Burn Down” If Chauvin Acquitted

Video: Citizens Say Minnesota Will “Burn Down” If Chauvin Acquitted

(InfoWars) – Daily Caller reporter Lisa Bennatan asked citizens of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota what they think will happen to the city if Derek Chauvin is acquitted in the George Floyd death case.

Ever since the April 11th shooting of Daunte Wright by the Brooklyn Center Police Department, violent riots have plagued the city on a nightly basis.

Now, with the verdict on the Derek Chauvin trial set to be made public at any moment, the entire nation is on edge.

Since Wright was shot only eleven miles away from where Floyd was killed, people say both Minneapolis and Brooklyn Park will burn to the ground if Chauvin is found not guilty.

“If those cops get off, not only will they burn downtown down, they’re gonna burn all of downtown down,” one man said.

“I think it will burn,” another woman echoed. “If he’s found not guilty, maybe it needs to burn.”

One man told Bennatan, “Businesses are gonna burn again and a lot of them are gonna get broken into.”

A white woman wearing a Black Lives Matter mask complained “Jerks that will come in from everywhere and say ‘Oh look, they’re destroying the city,’ you know, and try and talk for the city without ever stepping foot here, met the people here.”

Chances are even a guilty verdict would not be sufficient for the mob and that violent riots will take place no matter the outcome.

Check out the following exclusive footage as Minneapolis, Minnesota braces for severe unrest.

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