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Wild Video! Man Saves Wife From Bobcat Attack

Wild Video! Man Saves Wife From Bobcat Attack

(InfoWars) – Home security footage shows a man saving his wife from a bobcat attack in the middle of a stereotypical U.S. neighborhood.

The video begins with the soon-to-be hero telling a jogging neighbor, “Good morning” just before the cat can be seen sprinting across the street in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Next, the man says, “I need to wash my car” to his wife who’s carrying an animal in a pet carrier.

At this time, a loud growl can be heard and the bobcat leaps on the woman carrying the small animal as she shrieks, “Oh my God!”

The woman’s husband quickly rushes around his vehicle and grabs the wild animal while holding it away from his body, yelling, “Oh my God, it’s a bobcat!”

The brave man throws the cat across the yard as the woman who jogged by at the beginning of the video rushes up to help him scare it away.

“Get out, get out,” he yells at the animal while pulling his pistol out of his holster and adding, “I’ll shoot that f**ker!”

“A bobcat attacked my wife,” he yells at another neighbor.