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Does your pastor have a backbone?

Does your pastor have a backbone?

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Despite what the Left is constantly claiming, America is a Christian Nation. Our Founding Fathers established this country under the belief that God is God, and we are created in His image. It’s written into our founding documents. America is the only nation in the history of the world that focused on devaluing the role of the government, while propping up the value of the individual.

Unfortunately, we are living in a warped version of the United States of America today and find ourselves surrounded by an atheistic and anti-God culture. The entire Democrat platform is rooted in hatred for God and His morality, which also devalues human life. We see this in their promotion of abortion, group think, intersectionality and socialism.

In today’s day-and-age, there’s a lot of pressure for pastors to compromise. We see this with the COVID-19 lockdowns, the push to condemn Christian Trump supporters and the peer pressure to join in with the Leftist ideology. We’ve seen this exemplified with The Gospel Coalition, the Southern Baptist Convention and a bunch of the celebrity pastors such as Beth Moore, JD Greear and Dr Russell Moore.

We’ve seen the church embrace ungodly teachings like Critical Race Theory, wealth redistribution and a borderless society. Many of these same “preachers” were widely considered Conservative Evangelicals just a few short years ago. However, due to outside pressure from the Mainstream Media, Politicians and wealthy individuals, they’ve compromised in order to be accepted within the mainstream.

We need more godly pastors to grow a spine and preach the truth in a dark and fallen world. If the state comes after your church for holding services, do not back down. If they demand your choir wears three face masks, do not comply. If they tell you to stop preaching about politics in church or else they’ll take away your non-profit status, do it anyway. Never forget that you answer to God, not man.

As Christians who love this country because of the freedoms that it affords, let’s begin to separate out the pastors that have a spine vs the ones who do not. If your pastor backs down to pressure from the government, it’s time to lovingly confront them and ask them to repent, or else it’s time to find a new church. If your favorite celebrity pastor calls on the church to submit to unbiblical tyranny, it’s time to stop buying their books and supporting their ministry.

It’s do or die time for our country. If we are going to save it, it’s going to be through the saving grace of Christ. It’s going to take faithful men and women within the Church to rise up without compromise and boldly declare the truth, calling on our nation to repent and turn back to God. That’s what the Patriot Squad is all about.