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Video: COVID Cops Try To Break Into Gym As Owner Continues To Use It During Lockdown

Video: COVID Cops Try To Break Into Gym As Owner Continues To Use It During Lockdown

(InfoWars) – Pathetic police attempted to raid a CLOSED gym in London after they received reports that people were still using it. Now the owner is vowing to take legal action after it emerged that only he was inside.

Under draconian lockdown restrictions, gyms have all had to close for a second time in the UK, so James Cooper, who owns Body Transformation in Hampstead, north London was the only person using the facilities.

He was amazed when he looked remotely at the security cameras and saw that police had showed up outside and attempted to gain entry for around one hour.

Footage from security cameras shows police banging on the door and trying to look inside. Eventually, one officer went around the back of the building and appeared to tamper with a key box secured to the gym wall.

Mr Cooper told the Daily Mail that he believes this was an attempt to gain access to his property without a warrant.


Cooper says he will take the matter to court, telling reporters “The police made a very big mistake trying to break into my property.”

“I will be taking them to court over this, they messed with the wrong person, I’ve simply had enough of this,” Cooper, who trains several British celebrity clients, added.

“This is for all of us business owners fighting back now, we can’t take this nonsense any more,” he further urged.

“You can’t break into someone’s premises, no one was in danger inside, the place was empty, what right do they have to try and break in?” Cooper asked.

“I was at home watching them banging on my doors and trying to get in by getting access to my key box,” Cooper noted, adding “I can hear them saying they don’t have a warrant because my system records sound as well.”

“I’m just not going to put up with this any more,” Cooper asserted, adding “What has the world come to that seven officers spend an hour of their time standing around my gym?”

“Surely they have better things to do with their time in a big city like London,” Cooper said, noting that he “built that business from the ground up,” and isn’t going to let busybodies ruin it.

“I’ve put all my investment into my business and I’m not going to sit back and let them try to destroy it,” Cooper emphasised.

The London Metropolitan Police have not commented on the case at time of writing.

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